Sustainable Solutions

As the first and largest manufacturer of brushware in Sri Lanka, serving global markets, we fully control our manufacturing process and produce a range of quality-certified products. These products offer brushware solutions that are equally sustainable, across all sectors.


Our operations are based on the triple bottom line approach of balancing our environmental, social and economic performance. They are aligned to Hayleys Group’s Sustainability Policy that explores opportunities for growth in shaping a greener future.

We have created a culture of environmental awareness, with an emphasis on the efficient use and management of the material and resources. From the management of our energy, emissions and water to effluents, waste and chemicals, we strive to reduce our ecological impact.


ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification 

We have obtained ISO accreditation for our environmental management system, aimed at enhancing our environmental footprint.  We are committed to managing our operations and environmental responsibilities in a systematic manner that contributes towards a more sustainable operation.


As a company we pledge and actively work towards complying with regulations for better environmental management. This process is further strengthened through regular audits and certifications, These initiatives help us to review the relevance of our systems and procedures, in our operations and manufacturing process.

These include tracking processes in:

●        Design and manufacturing

●        Water reduction and utilisation

●        Waste management – waste reduction/landfill impact review

●        Emissions

●        Energy saving technology monitoring throughout our factory


Community Relationships

We are driven by our social consciousness to actively and meaningfully contribute towards the betterment of society. We believe in uplifting the social and economic conditions of the communities we operate in and interact with. Our business policies and procedures support these initiatives, that positively contribute towards the community and the environment.

Palmyra Ekel and Fibre Development Project at Kilinochchi and Oddusudan

In collaboration with the Swiss Labour Assistance Organisation in 2014, we initiated a project to offer assistance to revive the Palmyra industry in Sri Lanka’s northern region, which was greatly affected by three decades of conflict.  The majority of cultivated trees were abandoned and neglected. The joint collaboration infused new life into the area. Technical know-how, targeted training, buy back agreements and the development of local supplier base for Palmyra fibre, helped to recover the industry. It also provided a secondary source for Palmyra fibre, apart from sourcing from India.

The initiative has helped to diversify our Palmyra supply sources, reducing processing cycle time of raw materials. As a result, our company can supply Palmyra tufted products with competitive prices and shorter lead times.

The project currently operates covering Kilinochchi, Ithawil, Palei, Muhamalei and Oddusudan; creating sustainable employment opportunities to the rural workforce, enabling them to work within their familiar environment, whilst supporting the local economy.

Provision of Employment Opportunities

Our high-tech state of the art production plant, situated in a 100,000 sq. ft. factory floor space at Ekala, Ja-ela, in the Western Province, provides a livelihood for workers living in and around the area. The plant manufactures over 10,000 brush and broom products for the export market since the company’s beginning in 1962. Since its establishment we have also initiated several other projects in the areas of infrastructure development, education and youth empowerment  for the benefit of the community in the area.

Workforce Diversity

We strive to develop an environment in which our people feel empowered. We believe in creating a dynamic employee base with a positive mindset. Our non- discrimination policy in addition to being an equal opportunity employer, are all efforts towards maintaining diversity.

Health and Safety and Wellbeing 

Health and safety and the wellbeing of our employees remain a primary priority with compliance to safety regulations, and incentives and welfare benefits to recognise and support their work.  We take pride in skill enhancement, training and development, improving workplace Health and Safety standards and creating a healthy suitable work life balance.

 Supplier and Customer Relationships    

Relationships nurtured over the years are key to our success. Our customers’ support revenue growth and our suppliers are a vital link in ensuring product quality.

Our Group’s Supply Chain Policy ensures ethical sourcing that reviews areas such as fair price, child non-labour and human rights violations when evaluating and registering suppliers.


Good material is one of the key ingredients for maintaining the quality of our brushware line. We work with both large-scale suppliers and SMEs to maintain quality and social responsibility standards.


Our purchasing policy/process and quality assurance process encourage eco-friendly material for all our product components, FSC™ wood purchasing customization can be done upon request from customers, that take into consideration the complete product cycle from production to, product use, to disposal and reuse.

 Product Responsibility 

We assess our product offering and processes across their entire life cycle to guarantee the highest quality standards. We focus on the efficient use of resources, including supporting our research and development teams to explore the introduction of new sustainable products.

Customer Relations

With over 300 plus global customers in 25 countries across the globe, we have a proven track record in quality brushware manufacturing. We constantly build the skills and capacity of our teams. This has contributed to creating a positive customer experience. Feedback, research and development to test new products based on market trend analysis and customer requirements are all contributory factors for this positive experience.


A culture of performance, rooted within a framework of compliance and sustainability development, drives our Group’s corporate governance philosophy. It extends across all businesses at all levels, through a set of corporate values.

In line with these polices and values, we consistently measure industry risks, increase links that can grow our market and customer base, while focusing on product development both in existing and new markets.

Implementation of programmes for our employees to accept and understand our shared values and the need to  create and manufacture sustainable products, are other initiatives.  

We also strive to maintain the highest level of transparency when reporting our information, enabling us to maintain the trust placed in us, by our stakeholders.

A subsidiary of Hayleys PLC which is a multiple award-winning blue-chip conglomerate based in Sri Lanka, Ravi Industries Limited is one of the leading brush manufacturers in Asia. We are certified with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, SA 8000:2014, FSC™ -COC(SGSHK-COC-000205) / FSC™ license code : FSC™ -C012201 and SGS COVID-19 Control certifications.

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