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Palmyra Ekels and Palmyra Fibre Development Project at Kilinochchi and Oddusudan


Ravi CSR project

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Commenced in 2014, in collaboration with Swiss Labor Assistance Organization, Ravi provides expert knowledge to develop Palmyra fibre industry in the Northern Sri Lanka providing the technical know-how, training and buy back agreements with local palmyra developers and suppliers. The project currently operates covering Kilinochchi, Ithawil, Palei, Muhamalei and Oddusudan; creating sustainable employment opportunities to rural workforce enabling them to work from their familiar environment supporting local economy.

The northern region of Sri Lanka is well known for Palmyra cultivation, where the local palmyra industry was greatly affected by 3 decades of war. Though there are numerous uses of the Palmyra tree and its parts, the commercial value of Palmyra was never analyzed; most of the trees were neglected and abandoned in the northern part of the country. After successful training and development of local suppliers for Palmyra fibre, we have created a secondary source for Palmyra fibre apart from India. The initiative has diversified our palmyra supply sources reducing processing cycle time of raw material. As a result, Ravi can supply Palmyra tufted products with competitive prices and shorter lead times.