Brush Construction

We are using the staple set method in manufacturing broom and brush products. High Speed Computer Numeric Control Filling Machines select the amount of fill material to be used. Staple-sets are automatically tufted into solid hardwood or plastic block. Materials are chosen for their physical properties, durability and suitability of the application.

Brush Backs

Brush backs are made out of Hardwood or Plastic depending on the suitability to specific application.

Hardwood Blocks

Hardwood blocks are made out of Rubber timber. These Blocks can be waxed, lacquered, or varnished for a professional appearance or to prolong life in wet conditions.

Plastic Blocks

Plastics are used in brushes requiring resistance to acid and chemical degradation. Plastic blocks will not splinter, crack or absorb oils and water. All of these blocks are long-lasting and are approved by institutions for various applications.